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Many people are affected by an eye disease at least once in their lives. Here we present important

clinical pictures that we diagnose and treat.


A refractive error due to refractive abnormalities of the eye can take many forms. Common refractive errors include myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. In the latter, the curvature of the cornea is uneven, causing the image to appear distorted on the retina.

If ametropia causes you to have decreased visual acuity, you have a choice between vision aids (glasses or contact lenses) and refractive surgery.

We measure your visual acuity quickly and accurately thanks to the latest technology. After subsequent consultation, we treat your ametropia as needed.


Various eye diseases of different causes are grouped under the collective term glaucoma. Each of them leads to irreversible damage of nerve fibers of the optic nerve. The frequency of the disease usually increases with age.

Using suitable measuring methods, we can determine in our ophthalmology practice whether there is a disproportion between intraocular pressure and blood flow to the optic nerve.

A diagnosed glaucoma can be treated with medication or by glaucoma surgery, depending on the individual situation.


In cataract, the lens of the eye becomes increasingly cloudy. As a result, vision steadily decreases. The disease can be age-related or caused by metabolic diseases, eye malformations or injuries. With cataract surgery, vision can often be completely restored. It is one of the most common surgical procedures worldwide and involves the implantation of an artificial lens.

Please feel free to contact us for a detailed diagnosis including determination of objective and subjective refraction and slit lamp examination.

Eyelid diseases

Eyelid changes can be age-related, congenital, accidental, inflammatory or caused by tumors. A variety of surgical strategies are available for treatment, which must be adapted to the specific case. The most common eyelid diseases and malpositions are: drooping upper or lower eyelids, paralysis of the facial nerve, turning in lower eyelids, eyelid tumors and conjunctival tumors.

Our practice is available for the diagnosis and treatment of functional disorders of the eyelids as well as aesthetic problems.



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